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Anarchism is an international movement against the domination of our lives by systems of authority like capitalism, government, patriarchy etc. In their place we envision a society based on cooperation, community and individual autonomy, mutual aid, and direct action. This world won't come without each of us springing to action. Join Anarchists for a Better State today.

Anarchists for a Better State formed in 1995. Separate factions of the movement came together that year to form the organization. Our founders hoped to end the fighting that kept us from winning this war for so long. Since then, fourteen chapters have opened across the United States. The largest one is now in South Florida.


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You ARE Under Survellience: Law Enforcement Cites Local Anarchists and Others as Terrorist Threat

posted April 5 2003

"In a recent speech, Captain Chandler of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota listed groups such as the Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Front, Arise! Bookstore, ANARCHISTS IN GENERAL, the tactic of direct action, the Ruckus Society, Anti-Racist Action, and Students Against War as "domestic identified groups that may affect our communities." While he prefaced this statement by saying "We are not calling any of them terrorist", these comments were made during a presentation called "Understanding Terrorism in Minnesota"

For information on how NOT to fall into the governments clutches read this essay called Security Culture at
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Our next battle: Boca Raton

Posted Nov. 3

We have recently had great successes in Boulder and Kyoto. But we cannot sit by idly as our facist government continues. Operations and preparations have begun in Boca Raton. To join, contact Michael or Peter or be there for the next weekly meeting in your town. We still need volunteers, although so many have already signed up. Because FTAA will meet soon in Miami we have beeen able to get many more members to join our cause. For those of you visiting this site for information on the efforts, we cannot say much. We cannot let the authorities know too many details about the efforts. We can say only that we will be successful in the infiltration and disruption.

Even if you've never expressed your politics by doing property damage, pitching cobblestones, or getting arrested for civil disobedience; even if you think you have nothing to hide, these guidelines will enhance your personal safety as well as the movement's overall effectiveness. State surveillance of political movements has always been a reality and still is. Governments in the industrialized countries target groups that advocate economic sabotage and groups that don't, movements that are militant and movements that are markedly pacifist. The government's security machinery serves the elitist political and economic objectives of capitalism. There are over 250 political prisoners in Canada and the US that can testify to this from firsthand experience. By adopting a security culture, we can limit or neutralize counter-intelligence operations meant to disrupt our political organizing, be it mainstream or underground.

Peasant-rebels; communards; liberationists; abolitionists; labour organizers; revolutionaries; from large uprisings challenging the entire political structure, to isolated environmental and social struggles, people have constantly worked to create a better world. The response of government has always been to jail activists and revolutionaries using the courts and the police.

Posted June 3

This is just to let others know of a new anarchist collective named Florida Anarchist Collective has started up. We don't profess any sect of anarchism but are trying to incorporate all thoughts of anarchism into one coherent vision. We have personally witnessed the anarchist scene create divisions and so one of our main aims is to try to find a solution to unify all the varius sects to make a formidable opposition to the hierarchical divisions we find in society. Our tools will be theory, practice, media, and reach out. Hopefully we will constantly evolve as a collective and as a community of free thinkers rooted in practice and history. We are not a closed group and welcome all to our group. At the current time we meet everyother Thursday at 6:00 PM at Barnes and Noble in CityPlace in West Palm Beach, FL, and at the Senior Care Centers in Port Charlotte, FL.


It should be stressed throughout our movements that no one is under any legal obligation to provide to the police any more information than one's own name, address and birth date, and this only if one is under arrest. That is it! Saying anything more jeopardizes individuals' and movement security. Even answering seemingly insignificant questions can assist the police in developing personality profiles on a range of activists. It may not be "evidence" but it is used to give police "leads" on other suspects and construct intent during legal proceedings. The only principled response to police questioning when under arrest is to say nothing more than your name, birth date and address. If questioned further you can simply say "I have nothing to say (except in the presence of my lawyer and a judge)".

Anti-War info and actions

posted April 5 2003

Anarchists are at the core of the anti-war movement. All over the country we are using the lessons we've learned in the anti-globalization battles to create a dissent that is based on direct action and direct democracy rather than political parties. If you send us local action reports or events we'll post them here.

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